Polarized Sunglasses

Even if you’re wearing sunglasses, you could be squinting behind them. You may be experiencing excess glare. Glare can obstruct your vision, create a haze of sorts over everything you’re viewing, and can be very uncomfortable – nothing desirable, that’s for sure. 

Coatings on glasses to block out UV light do not necessarily decrease glare, no matter how dark the lens is. This is what make polarized sunglasses different from non-polarized (“regular”) sunglasses; polarized lenses have special properties that block light coming from different directions that create glare (and without necessarily making things darker). With polarized lenses, we can see colours as they are, rather than everything taking on a shade of blue or grey or whatever the colour of the lens is. This makes viewing objects and landscapes much more comfortable, and can improve viewing through the water when fishing, and tracking the ball when on the golf course, just as an example. Polarized sunglasses also make driving more comfortable as it cuts the glare off of other cars on the road.

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