UV Light & Your Vehicle

Taking any road trips this summer? Your sunglasses are just as important for your journey, not just the destination! 

When we are in our vehicles, the windshield provides very good UV blockage; on average, 96% of UV-A rays are blocked by the front windshield of our cars. This is great news, and makes Dr. Grewal very happy, though she still recommends wearing your sunglasses in the car. Why?

The side windows on vehicles do not block nearly as much UV light and the range of coverage is vast. On average 71% of UV-A light is blocked by side windows, but the range is a very low 44%, to 96%. In North America, and parts of the world where we drive on the right side, cases of facial skin cancers and cataracts on the left side are significantly higher than on the right side. The reverse is true in countries like Australia, where driving is done on the left side, and cases of these pathologies are higher on the right side.

So when you’re out exploring this summer, enjoy the ride, and protect those precious eyes with your sunglasses!

Look out for our next few installments as we learn more about the sun and the eyes, sunglasses and other options to protect our eyes from UV light.

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